10th May 2020

© sasastro

We walked to town this morning, walking not jogging. A bee gathered pollen from some comfrey and a ladybird sat on a nettle leaf. It's grey now but earlier the sky was blue and sunlight reflected off vine leaves.

In the Abbey Gardens showy Alliums are beginning to bloom, a rosebud equally as beautiful rests against a crossbar. No idea what the less showy yellow flowers are.

People pause in their dog walking and pause for a socially distancing chat.

Along Abbeygate Street we spot the Royal Insurance plaque. This told the Fire Brigade that they would get paid by the company if there was a fire. Above Boosh is a representation of St Edmund.

We walked to Well Street to Orchard Street, on the way we spotted some beautiful nasturtiums and a pig amongst the planters. There's a lovely view of St John's Church from here.

We saw a flag being played with by a wolf, with a little help from the wind. A fabric rainbow waved and beautiful roses climbed a wall. UK and USA Flags sat together. A Teddy peered out between red white and blue strips. Yellow Irises caught my eye as did the yellow door with windows above and to the side. A watchdog was behind bars. Pea Porridge restaurant is closed,what is pea porridge?

In St John's Street the unusual tiled building houses a company called Troy. Across the road is an antique shop. Have to confess to not understanding antiques, it all looks very odd to me, cool shop name though.