9th May 2020

ornate gates
© sasastro

Pakenham, a village of pretty cottages, one with an interesting leaf rainbow on the door caught our eye. A stream runs through from one side of The Street to the next. A gate guardian wagged his tail as we walked past. Old outbuildings catch our eye as do the magnificent trees on Pakenham Fen. A pink house nestles in a corner and a grand hall lies hidden behind trees. We wave at a horse rider and wonder who has priority, horses or toads.

We make our way up to the churchyard. The different doors catch our eyes as do the unusual sarcophagus type stones on either side of one of the doors.

Marshy footpaths and lead us past a speckled wood butterfly and skeletons near the recycling bin. An Orange Calendula nods its head.

Further up the road is the Water Mill, opposite is a field containing a pair of hippos. Just down the road are the most beautiful gates I've ever seen, another gate leads to a Methodist cemetery. A red phone box contains village notices and a red poppy waves in a breeze.

On the way home we scout out Grove Farm nature reserve for future reference. No horses allowed here. A fat bumblebee crawls across a dandelion as we wander along a path lined with cow parsley. Tiny common vetch and then water plants that look like abstract art. Finally with a blue bodied chaser the first dragonfly of the year is captured.