9th April 2020

bridge over a river
© sasastro

Today we made our way to Shaker's Lane, curvy footpaths, Bombyliidae, ( that's me being posh instead of saying bee-flies), hoverflies, ladybirds doing what comes naturally. Apple blossom, bluebells and farm fields.
At the end of the path is Eastgate Street, looked over by the remains of a priory. Meandering down Eastgate street are a number of listed building along with old walls on which ivy-leaved toadflax grows. A short detour into Barn Lane, one of the prettiest streets in Bury St Edmunds but never free of parked cars. Window wisdom, a miniature fairy in a hole and a solar powered butterfly. At the end of the lane a hidden nature path abutting the river Lark
On to Mustow street with more listed buildings and barred spaces alongside the Abbot's bridge. Into the Abbey gardens and a picture of that same Abbots bridge. We crossed the entrance gate bridge and walked alongside the abandoned school building, saw blossoms, strange green things and spiders. Headed back to Shaker's lane via the bridge over the A14, the road not as busy as usual.