8th May 2020

© sasastro

VE Day, so off looking for social distancing street parties and bunting. Didn't take us long to find folk celebrating. Having taken 6 or 8 photos we wandered off to town so a few random shots come next.

A cow in the meadow, the remains of a dandelion looking like a tutu for the Little People. Saw someone looking like a member of the fae sitting in the churchyard. A squirrel begged for nuts and was successful.

Bunting on a West Front house was the only sign of celebration we saw as we neared the town centre. Not a sign of any other celebration until we reached King's Road with it's teddy bear window. Had to pause to take a picture of a beautiful cat. More flags and more celebrants. Felicity and her husband John she used to be my boss many years ago.

Cut through the cemetery, wondered why one gravestone went against the grain and stood at a different position to the rest. Spotted a little memorial elf.

Came across some more street parties. Lots of effort put in on costume in some cases. Couples and friends all enjoying the VE day sunshine.