8th April 2020

© sasastro

Another walk through Hardwick Heath where light played with maple and horse chestnut leaves as we walked the path leading to Butterfly meadow. From there we walked the footpaths past acres of farm fields planted with bright yellow oilseed rape.
We followed public footpaths and bridleways passing pretty country cottages and houses. On the way we saw ground ivy, purple dead nettle, forget-me-nots, Japanese kerria, sowthistles, shaggy sheep and more. We had no idea where these paths were leading us until we passed Horringer Hall and knew then we were at Horringer , close to Ickworth park.
We walked back along Horringer Road towards Bury, turned off at the unnamed road towards Horsecroft road. We saw a distant woodshed and then the cathedral tower in the far distance, illuminated by the sun. A longer than expected walk at 6 and a half miles.