7th May 2020

© sasastro

So today we thought we would Explore Thurston, it's not a village we are familiar with. We started at the Church of St Peter with its imposing tower and war memorial. It is of course closed for the duration. I've no idea who the male and female heads belong to, they adorn one of the doors and look out over ivy covered graves.

It took us a while to leave the built environment behind, probably because at least 3 footpaths are temporarily closed whilst houses are being built. We walked past the cricket club, no sound of leather on willow today.

We walked past the village sign and the pub. Saw a rainbow of thank yous. Eventually we found country roads.

Horses were in a distant paddock, they weren't spooked by the plane but a rabbit was.

We walked past fenced off farm fields and then came across a tree protest. It looks as if the protests were in vain, only one fully grown tree could be seen. That and the closed footpaths sort of marred our walk. We continued on past an overgrown pub sign and a chimney pot planter. Finally we were cheered by the donkeys who did their best to try and get their portraits taken.