6th May 2020

© sasastro

More exploration of Cavenham Heath today. Once again curious lambs eyed us. We saw numerous butterflies, starting with a Speckled Wood. More than one Small Heath and a couple of Small coppers. Highlight of the day was the tiny Green Hairstreak.

The River Lark looked lovely under the blue skies. A hoverfly settled on a leaf, there are over 300 species of hoverflies, Google tells me this is a Chrysotoxum cautum.

At Cavenham open heathland vies with forested areas with majestic trees. Many ferns on the forest floor are unfurling. Winged things, 2 man made and two of nature. The latter are a yellowhammer and a woodlark.

Country paths take us alongside yet another pillbox, this one with splashes of yellow and a locked chamber. The river curves like a figure S, on the opposite bank a sedge warbler briefly appears to sing us a song. Cow parsley waves over the river and a Red Admiral takes our butterfly count up to 6