5th May 2020

© sasastro

Mr A's car went in for an MOT this morning,. Whilst we were waiting we wandered past Bury Bowl, closed for the duration and along Eastgate Street with it's pretty houses. We wandered through Minden Close and discovered an unusual war memorial dedicated to The Suffolk Regiment.

From there we wandered into the Abbey Gardens, past the partial wall and dovecote. Whatever view you take the Gardens are always beautiful. Common Comfrey looked uncommonly beautiful, Cranesbill nodded their purple heads and Salvia Cistus fell diagonally across my screen. We wondered why the Mustow Street wall had all those little alcoves. Took a picture of the River Lark on the way to collect the car.

Then we went to Hardwick Heath, the first thing we saw was a kestrel high in the sky. The trees here always put on a display. Walking in the wooded area we came across a showy rhododendron plant coming into bloom and a honeysuckle flower appearing to reach out. We saw numerous small white butterflies, white fluffy clouds and trees framing the next path.

A peacock butterfly opened its wings on request, a small insect and a small white butterfly both rested on leaves. Finally we walk the return track.