4th May 2020

© sasastro

In to town for some supplies, whilst there I try to get different angles on Spaceship Debenhams, it's a Marmite building, people love it or hate it. A laughing policeman was happy to be caught in the frame. The Arc shopping centre has beautiful boat-like flower beds with impressive French lavender plants.

From town we head off towards the Fornhams. On the way Jackdaws wear masks and queue, mimicking those strange humans, a long tailed tit poses in a tree and for once a chiffchaff wasn't high up in a tree. A horse played with a treat ball, a nursery web spider was hiding on a leaf and an orange tip waved it's wings to briefly show its underskirt.

We found where the Fornham St Martin rebels live and then we found a footpath that was once a road, white central lines were still in evidence. We followed the path around farm fields, couldn't resist a picture of a magnificent tree. A cabbage white rested on sweet smelling lilac and an old tree offered a potential home to numerous wildlife species.

Wherever you go in Bury St Edmunds the Sugar Beet factory is rarely out of sight. Our wanderings eventually lead us to a footpath called The Drift which took us back towards Thetford Road, there we saw a painted stone waiting to be discovered, a poppy with such a colourful inner section, a baby bunny and the River Lark seen from both sides of the road.