3rd May 2020

© sasastro

Doors, knockers and bits and bobs became the unplanned theme for the day. Starting with support clearly showing for the postie. Then a hint that one house was once a pub, now long gone. An angel for a knocker and 3 wise monkeys serve the same purpose. A papery poppy catches my eye as does the labelled letterbox, just in case the postie didn't know what it was for. A plaque for diarist Crabbe Robinson, he has a Wikipedia entry, look him up.

Another poppy on the way to the corner with its curious small door in the wall. A bright yellow door and what looks like a griffin knocker. Two doors in St Mary's Church Then doors with grand porches and some unusual skylight windows, some look particularly arcane.

A bright red door, some very ornate balconies, a crooked window and  blue plaque for Dickens. An abandoned newspaper a couple of squirrels and a hidden statue. Finally a door of tax discs.