30th April 2020

© sasastro

Today we decided to walk across footpaths to get to Westley. Unexpected sight of a topsy turvy shed and a village decoration left over from Easter. The church of St Mary was our goal, built on a hillside by the Marquis of Bristol, simply because he wanted to have something to look at from his Ickworth home. A small graveyard sees gravestones nestled amongst wild flowers. Ribbons adorn the church gate. A pretty house on the corner and a message of hope;
The unexpected discovery of the St. Thomas a'Becket churchyard where village ancestors still lay. Benches nestle in the bushes and a hedge frames the farm fields beyond. Pink clematis adorns a wall and Westley Hall announces its presence.
Old dangerous buildings at the end of a path and a village pond is surrounded by houses. A sycamore maple sits in the curve of flint walls. The colour of the sky is a hint to head home before the rain arrives.