2nd May 2020

© sasastro

I was a bit grumpy this morning, fed up with going to the same old places and felt like not bothering, but I knew that by the end of the day I would regret not getting out, especially as photography is my lifeline.
So we took ourselves off to West Stow country park. Saw a white butterfly, I suspect it may have some wings missing, also saw a fledgeling oak tree.
Mr & Mrs Greylag showed off their goslings, that alone made the trip worthwhile. An insect alighted on yellow rocketcress and more greylag geese crossed our paths.
Initially it was cloudy but eventually we saw bits of blue sky break through. A mallard stood on a log and canada goose paddled past followed by a female mallard. Purple marsh thistle caught my eye and a muntjac deer spotted us.
There was an acrobatic ladybird and a red admiral on an information board, maybe looking for its likeness? An egyptian goose popped up and hen posed for a photo.