28th April 2020

© sasastro

A change in the weather did not deter us though our walk was shorter than usual. Starting with pansies in my garden and moving on to red campion in the Abbey gardens.
Waving grasses near the water garden alongside red acer who's leaves and branches awash with raindrops. Anaemic bleeding hearts curve across my screen and a model abbey gets rained on.
Superb irises in bloom and in bud, a bedraggled robin and an angry looking blackbird. Wisteria has come into bloom as tulips begin to droop. In the sensory garden Lady Banks roses compete with the wisteria for attention. A single yellow rose is speckled with raindrops. A squirrel begs for food.
In town the yellow irises outside the library make a lovely display, and did you spot the cameraman? It's not just any camera man. Finally Hawkes garage with it's shell petrol pumps when petrol was sold by the gallon.