27th April 2020

road sign
© sasastro

Today's walk took me across Hardwick Heath where the odd bluebell nodded its head under the trees. A friendly gnome waved to me and a cockerel showed which way the wind was blowing. I saw another Speckled Wood butterfly, there seems to be lots of them around this year.
Walking along Vinery Road I spot yellow plants, coreopsis? Then there were some magnificent irises. At the end of the road is the Ouida memorial, all 4 sides seen here. Ouida was a Victorian novelist, at one time her stories were thought to be rather racy. Up Petticoat Lane to Mill Road where poppies against a brick wall catch my eye. The row of three houses looks like a ship to my imaginative eye. On the corner of Victoria Road a heart for the NHS.
Spring Lane is in bloom no more, maybe because they now have a nature reserve where paths cut through and celandine sits in the shallows.
Around the pond and back into town where a rose catches my eye. On the Risbygate roundabout St Edmund looks to have been designed by an S&M fan.
Finally along Cullum Road with it's lambs and sheep in the meadows.