25th April 2020

war memorial
© sasastro

A sparrow sees us on our way as we head to town via No Man's Meadow. A purple mallow nods its head and a ladybird rests on a leaf. At the end of the meadow we decide to walk the back way into the Abbey gardens, just as a few folk walk towards us on the same path.
The cathedral towers over us. Mr A says one set of ruins looks like a parade of elephants through the trees. A teddy plays hide and seek. Not much left of the Prior's Chapel, though the stone chicken is still intact. Amidst trees of all shades of green a bright pink dog rose sits alongside a paler cousin. The sundial tells the time in GMT.
The war memorial stands at the head of Angel Hill looking towards Mustow Street. In Whiting Street two Independent shops remain closed. As we walk down towards Westgate Street we spot a lion on a door and a cat on a car.
We head towards the Butts where backlit leaves catch our eye. Greene King owned meadows are there to explore, Spensley and Rockingham. The latter is a circular walk that leads us back out into the Butts where we have to climb over fallen trees to continue on our way. A bee collects nectar and as a finale a song thrush briefly poses.