23rd April 2020

© sasastro
Today we walked just a tiny part of the the Icknield Way as we made our way to the the River Lark. On the way were big Suffolk skies, at one point filled with crows. We passed a crooked tree, I wonder what caused it to grow like that? A green-veined white settled on a dandelion and two lambs spied on us, one openly and one covertly.
We saw ferns waiting to unfold and yet another pillbox. Why are there so many in Suffolk I wonder? We continued walking until we ran out of pathways then retraced our steps. An acrobatic blue tit entertained us for a while as did the doggy-paddling dog. Back across the bridge and we spy a tiny dot of red amongst the greenery. It's a hot day, we and the sheep are keeping hydrated. A Broken gate catches my eye and a proud mum shows off her twin babies.