22nd April 2020

© sasastro

Today's walk inspired in part by FB friend Anna Frankum. Through an overgrown pathway where graffiti is practiced. The path meanders on as we come alongside the Lark where ducks sleep and a church is seen in the distance.
A WWII pillbox is hidden away in the corner of a well manicured golf course, a good place to admire the view. Following the footpath we notice a green car camouflaged on the other side of the river where horses graze and garden ornaments are on display. On this side we see a bridge that you can cross and one that you cannot.
Through to Fornham St Martin where a telegraph pole makes sure it is visible. Flint walled and red-bricked houses catch our eye and pink hued cottages stand on a corner. Tulips still beautiful in their decay a door that is now a face and pink hued lilac catches the light. Brass plaqued St George's Field and a very narrow footpath alongside an empty road. here we met a pair of cyclists who thought they pavement was a better place for them to be than us.
Was that the last daffodil standing that we saw? It was competing in its yellowness with nearby nodding buttercups.
Finishing with a pony and its shadow, a dancing jackdaw, a mounted mini and then back to Bury.