1st May 2020

© sasastro

Walked the footpath alongside the Lark into town where 9 foot of nettles were being measured. We startled a little egret which took flight. A bee sucked nectar from a May Flower and a green veined white butterfly rested on a dandelion. A robin posed near the bulrush railings and a squirrel nibbled on an apple. Clematis stood out, as did the brightly dressed man. We saw Californian poppies both open and closed.

In town a rook strutted its stuff and a wall plaque informed us of the life span of Louise Philippe, King of France.

In the great churchyard is the Martyrs Monument, a memorial to the 17 Protestant martyrs who were executed here on the orders of Queen Mary I. Behind the monument is one of the tree lined pathways that cut through the churchyard.

On the way home we spotted a message for the  NHS from a ferret and a cat who watched us from the back of a car.