19th April 2020

water vole
© sasastro

More woodland paths, this time filled with bugs and butterflies. Spotted a ladybird, a holly blue butterfly, what I think is a hornet and a speckled wood butterfly. More paths, reflected trees, a comma butterfly, sunlight caught in the petals of a gorse flower.
A bee-fly settles on tiny blue flowers. A couple of brimstone butterflies pose on dandelions and a green-veined white gets in on the act.
A painted stone left behind for someone else to find, oak blossom and white blossoms. A hoverfly settles on red campion and a speckled wood finds a sunlit dandelion whilst another speckled wood poses on a leaf. A wheatear in the distance and a grey wagtail across the river. Finally over the moon to spot a water vole.