18th April 2020

tree blossom
© sasastro

We walked alongside the Cotton Lane allotments with banks lined with ragwort, home later in the year to cinnabar moth caterpillars. Over the little bridge and in to Ram Meadow nature reserve. Now managed I believe by the Bury Water Meadows Group and the local council.
Spotted some Red Campion, a couple of muntjac deer, trees with small blossom, Sycamore, and Maple? Following the path of the river Lark through an almost empty car park we saw moorhens having a gossip and an abandoned trolley in the water, why do people do that? Past the animal trough that is now a flower bed and into the Abbey Gardens to be entertained by the squirrels.
Along Abbeygate street and a pause to look at the eclectic collection in the window of Abbeygate Lighting, which includes giraffes, a giant blue gnome and a pink rabbit.
In St John's Street creative rainbows were on show in the windows of Bury Sewing & Knitting and Sunrise. Further up the street saxifrage escaped its bars, the old vicarage door looked resplendent in blue and the Beerhouse pub curved around a corner.