15th April 2020

© sasastro

A shorter walk today. Starting with a whitebell we wandered off to the river path where we saw rabbits eating the rugby club greenery. Our first tortoiseshell butterfly of the year spotted and tiny blue tits hanging upside down.
Hawthorn's May blossom hangs over the path it's unlucky to bring it indoors apparently. The cathedral framed by trees and some bridge shadows as we wandered into the Abbey gardens with its hungry squirrels. Lovely tulips and sweet smelling clematis, there's always flowers to be photographed here.
The Angel Hotel, closed for the duration. At Nationwide a member of staff patiently tries to teach an elderly many how to use the cash machine whilst maintaining a social distance. The old Marlows building in College Street. Maynewater square with its cottages built by Edward Greene in 1868 for his brewery workers. Finally a tulip and a bug taken in my garden.