14th April 2020

© sasastro

Sun-dappled woodland paths in Nowton park, bee friendly bee hives, dandelions, sheep and a hundred shaded of green. Out of the park we wandered along unnamed narrow roads, where we were spied on buy a blue tit and a post with cold ears.
We passed lambs in the fields and cherry tree lined lanes as we wandered on towards the Rushbrooke Estate with its white village houses and odd looking pump house. Until recently the estate was owned by the Rothschild family.
Pictures of Rushbrooke church then which way - left or right?
We chose right after pausing to watch a high flying heron. Probably the wrong choice given we eventually walked over 9 and a half miles. More country roads, a wood planted in 1996, a pretty coloured house, a mirror, and free dirt. Finally a kestrel posed on a telegraph pole as if to reward us for our long walk.