11th April 2020

© sasastro

Today we walked alongside the river lark from West Stow to the Culford Culvert. Somewhere along the way the river splits into three and comes together again at the culvert. We wandered various woodland paths shaded by deciduous trees and tall pines.
We also walked along narrow paths beside the river. Along the way we saw marsh marigolds, an Egyptian goose and pointy leaves, possibly dames rocket? There was the sad sight of a lost toy. A tit, marsh or willow, who knows?
Saw A comma butterfly hide within greenery whilst a speckled wood settled on a leaf and a small white sat on a dandelion.
A buzzard high in the sky and a wren low in the branches. A pheasant took flight in fright and a heron flew high over treetops. Finally another Suffolk gate to close the set.