10th April 2020

© sasastro

Garden Flowers, blossoms and an orange-tip all seen on the way to No Man's Meadow. A Pylon reaching to the sky, taken especially for a friend's son who loves seeing them. Trees, paths, a Suffolk gate and what's this? A Cow's nose? It is. Cows are in the meadow.
On to The Great Churchyard, a haven for wildlife, pause to take a photo of St Edmund and his shadow. Beautiful flower boxes filled with tulips line the cathedral walls. From here through to the Abbey Gardens to say hello to a squirrel as I cut through to the Cathedral Grounds to take a photo of the sculpture of Jesus Calming the Storm, and of the picture mosaic on the wall.
Just past the Norman Tower is Crown street, where blossom trees hang over the pavement. Saw sign writing in the sky, a full on window box and a brewing vat turned into seating outside Greene King museum